TurningMIG is an Emergency Training Center in Houston, TX

TurningMIG stands for Turning Mediocrity Into Greatness. Located in Houston, TX, we improve communities by providing purpose, motivation, and direction to enhance both individual and organizational performance. We focus our efforts on developing the three main pillars of a healthy life-impacting Mind, Body, and Spirit.

We provide the best emergency training services such as CPR training, Basic Life Support training, first aid training, and corporate CPR training. We are family-oriented, hold CPR certifications, and strive to be a part of our community. Unlike our competitors, we don't rush training. We make sure everyone understands the material before we move on.

Here at TurningMIG we wholeheartedly believe in the M.V.E.I Lifestyle approach in everything we do.

  • Mindset - Create purpose, motivation, and direction while establishing an identity and developing mental toughness.
  • Values - Promote individual and organizational values consistent with industry leaders in achieving high standards.
  • Execution - Gain a mastery of performance through understanding and utilization of the cycle of change model.
  • Innovation - Provide the framework that supports a culture of Innovation, leading self, and others towards greatness.

Allow us to give you the confidence and skills to be prepared for any life-threatening situation. Our passionate team will teach you the most effective techniques and treatments through our renown CPR training, BLS Training, and First Aid sessions. Our community is important to us, and we want to ensure everyone can safely and correctly provide their assistance in an emergency incident. Contribute to the wellness of others by staying up-to-date with your CPR certification and basic life support training. To learn more about all of our first aid classes or to sign up for your next training session, contact us today at TurningMIG!

What Makes Us Proud
  • Experienced Instructors w/ Military & EMT Background
  • Over 10 Years of Experience
  • Understanding & Will Never Rush Clients
Locations Served
  • Houston, TX